Monday, July 15, 2013

a tea party divided against it's self

Georgia just saw a civil war, Tea Party Patriots against American for Prosperity (the Koch-funded tea baggers).  At stake, solar panels and a slap at Koch's coal and oil investments.  Koch's group ran out false numbers easily shot down that solar would raise rates 40%, put every appliance you own at risk, and crash the good people of Georgia's future, only oil and coal can save the future.  TTP said they wanted to let the market work with clear choices.  This bill mandates an increase of energy sold in the state to be solar, and allows customers to opt to buy solar or wind as some states do now.

The law passed, TPP won, AFP lost, clean energy sources will soon light the homes in Georgia.  An excellent example for us all, even groups we oppose may have some goals we share and we need to work with them on these good deeds.  In reading more I find there is some splintering, which is scaring hell out of the GOP, they don't know which group to please.  The Canadian tar sands pipeline is another flash between these groups, Koch's bunch approve of eminent domain land grabs for the pipe, TTP does not, in this case Koch's are winning.

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