Friday, July 26, 2013

more Junk Science from the fringe.

Lets say everyone has tires rated at 50,000 miles life.  About 7" tread width, 85" circumference, less than 1/4" tread wear and your done.  Thats a little less than 147 cubic inches rubbed off.  There is a street near me with a traffic count of over 30,000 a day for the 1 mile strip.  4 tires per car means when only 12,500 cars traverse it they leave 147 cubic inch of rubber.  Where'd it go?  That's about 2,000 cubic inch a week, where is it?  What's in it?

June was the second highest world (global) temp average ever.
China announced yesterday it will spend 275 billion the next 5 years on reversing air pollution near Bejing, so much for the whining we can't fix our pollution because China does nothing.
Yesterday it was reported the marker for the north pole shown on ice (below), is now floating in the water.
For those who said resume drilling in the Gulf if it's safe, see how thats working as of yesterday.

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