Friday, July 5, 2013

are you 4-MEI, or against me?

Pepsi still has a cancer causing chemical in it, 4-MEI.  Coke took it out.  In California the state wrote a law to force it out of soft drinks in the state.  Coke took it out of all their US products, not Pepsi, only where they had to.    Whats wrong with our congress that they don't force cancer causing products off the market, or bee killing chemicals as the EU did last month????

I don't drink any soft drinks, they contain chemicals that prevent the uptake of calcium, every wonder why there are so many kids with broken bones, hell I think every nephew in the family lives on sugar drinks, broke an arm or ankle, and is fat.  When my son was growing up, he almost never had a soft drink, only one we know of before he was 5 and that one supplied by an obese addicted to cokes uncle, it's not hard to make kids eat right.  Furthermore, high fructose corn syrup speeds the growth of cancer cells, and makes you obese, diabetic, etc. etc. etc.


  1. Darrel,
    Is that the stuff that does the coloring? I stopped carbonated drinks (I will admit to having maybe six a year now).


  2. When I was diagnosed diabetic 15 years ago I drank diet A&W root beer as it had the same taste as regular root beer, but they must have changed the formula because it no longer tastes the same. I now drink diet coke when I have a soft drink. What I don't understand is why can you get coke from Mexico made with sugar, but not the stuff made in this country, is HFCS that much cheaper.

    I started avoiding HFCS sometime around the turn of the century when I learned the shit isn't good for you. The body can't process it like sugar and that may be one factor in the obesity problem. Also HFCS can contain mercury, especially the stuff coming from China.

    It is hard to find some foods that don't have HFCS. Almost all hot dog and hamburger buns have it, some breads don't and are starting to do bold print on the package telling you they don't contain HFCS. Bimbo bread is one, first found it at the carneceria across the street in Hot-Lanta and now can find it here UP on the Tundra.

    1. Kulkuri, I like sourdough whole grain. Your better off with out HFCS and people need to start being smart when they shop, spend a minute when you pick up a product, don't buy it with HFCS, or anything that looks like a scientific word. Wheat, Barley, Oats, yeast, those you can understand without a chemist coaching you.

  3. The obesity epidemic and the rise in Type II diabetes both started happening about the time the food industry started pushing HFCS. Coincidence? I doubt it.


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