Thursday, July 11, 2013

Sex charted as a function of heat inflicted death

First chart, by decade from 1881 to 2010 the global temperature, second chart by hemisphere, both increasing.  As you see the northern hemisphere is warming the most, as ye sow, so shall ye reap, amen and pass the crow to the deniers and the bill for it to all of us.
14.47°C = 58.046°F


  1. Darrel,
    So we are fucking more in North America than the Chinese are in Asia and that is causing the warmer temps?
    What are you growing on that farm......?



    1. Ron, you misunderstood. Northern hemisphere is warming verses south, not east v west. The break is north or south of the equator.
      Cause would be more land mass and more of it cleared of grass and forest cover collecting more heat, more heat islands (cities etc), more pollution off industry lofting methane, CO2 and others, all this flies aloft here and although global circulation of ocean currents and air currents eventually mix all of it globally, it takes time, thus north accumulates faster and feed back loop runs faster for us. If you look at air currents, they flow west along the equator, east in the high latitudes (true for north and south, and swirl to the east around both poles. They are not closed loops, but the mix is slow taking place near the equator slowly.
      The second chart is it's own proof of global warming, due to all that I listed above. It can be seen by the two lines, the Northern Hemisphere where most the population, industry and harm is extruded from is being hit the hardest, as evidenced by the ever more diverging lines as time passes.


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