Sunday, July 7, 2013

if a new washing machine is in your future

The washing machine is 17 years old, it started leaking just a little, it is throwing tiny bit of oil underneath, the noise level has jumped up the last few weeks, and once in a while we find it has water in it when it shouldn't, and the wife swears we get oil on our clothes from it once in a while. washing machine bought today, hope I can get another 17 years on this one, it's pretty cheap when you think of it like that.
The cool thing, most the new washers use (depending on size and model):
*Electricity - $13 to $24 a year, the old one used $84,
*Water - 6 to 15 gallons a load, the old one used 40 gallons
*My city will credit $100 on the water bill if we buy a low water use washer or dishwasher, this was one time the timing of two events worked in my favor.
Wife figured this new one will save us 2,000+ gallons a year, and $60+ energy.  The new machine spins the clothes at high RPM for longer period so their is a hidden bonus here, the dryer will not take as long to finish, more electric savings.

If you find yourself needing a new washer, study the water and energy use, 2 or 3 hundred more for a greener model can pay you back in water bills and energy in a year or two.  Saving water is good.  Using less energy is good.  And you save money.

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  1. Darrel,
    I think Mom is about ready for both a washer and a dryer...
    Good tip.



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