Tuesday, July 9, 2013

What if it's a big hoax and we create a better world for nothing?

Here you see our capacity to make energy today, July 9th, solar (white is highest), wind (white is higher velocity), and the tools to convert them to energy are now available and becoming competitive.

Above, the most recent example of the cost of our current energy methods. Forest experts say following these fires in the southwest timber may never recover with new higher temps and less rain.
Above, the results of the much attacked hockey stick study, reissued by another group of scientist with additional data, confirms world temps are climbing exactly as Mann's first study indicated, and below you see how the Republicans will receive it.


  1. Darrel,
    Damn it! I love you for your passion over climate change and green energy; But, you are charging at windmills. Well, one charge becomes two- I am with you (the a/c is off and fans on and it is 90 outside!). The problem is that the science denial for some reason has became allied with religion.
    A child get killed by a car while riding a bicycle and the breatgern will cry out, "It was God's will". So? Are we are seeing temperatures warmer than a popcorn fart in Arkansas and the ice caps are melting: Is that not also the work of God?
    Pal, Science and religion mix as well as vodka and Dr Pepper...


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    2. Ron, it is not true that we can't change things, even among the religiosity crowd. Only last week the United Church of Christ, thats a really big national church, decided it would divest from fossil fuel. The tide is just starting to turn.

      Earlier this year I turned a Kansas state house representative, republican and a strong one, I turned him on the issue of alternative energy and he voted no on a bill that would have made it harder for wind turbines to get approval. Since then he has written me for advice on some other "green" issues.

      In that church some are going to take the move to divest as something that shoud be done, the church elders said so, that coal and oil should not be profited from.

      I could give you a hundred examples, most are small steps, but some are big, like the Navy and Army pushing forward, even today more news on it, pushing back against Congress, bucking them, telling them they cannot defend supply lines and fuel sources, they have to dump fossil fuel if they want to have the advantage in the future.

      Even bigger is the sheer number of corporations to small companies that their fuel bills are killing them and everyting sent to the dump is an expense when with changes it could be profit.

      Kochs, BP, Inhoff, the list is long that will fight this, and they can and will inflict more distress with their actions. But they are the ones tilting at windmills, and we know that the wind mills knocked the fool from his horse don't we. Well it will be a long fight, thats what makes it fun, eventually we will win. Not a solid win, there will be compromises, but mostly those bastards will lose. All you have to do is keep talking to people about it, and vote with your pocketbook, find ways to use less energy and buy from companies that don't hose up the environment.
      I think it was Margaret Mead said something like "one person can change the world, indeed it's the only thing that ever has."

  2. The way to get the Abrahamic Religions is to hit them with being bad stewards of the earth.

    Farmers should listen to you (one of their own) as opposed to the Koch Brothers or some flack for BP.

    1. GeG:
      I've been ask to leave more than one bible study group, so the avenue you suggest is a good one but I don't approve of much of the old T, and no one really believes the New T enough to live it, so I'm reluctant to get into a quoting match, but the good steward angle is workable.
      Farmers are pretty tricky too. But the average age of American farmers is mid 70's, not me though, many of them are only an election or two from the end of voting and denying.


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