Wednesday, July 10, 2013

hot costly day for city streets.

5:45pm I drive down a 4 lane street, 101°.  6:15 I come back, same street, my one lane the only one open, 3 others closed.  Heat had raised the street enough a car would high center, and pieces as big a gallon jug scattered for 15 feet in both directions.  Glad I was not near it when those things flew.  (the picture is not of my event, we had more chunks scattered further)

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  1. I remember watching a airman fry an egg on the ramp at Nellis (Las Vegas for you silly-villians)- Not impressed. The temp clock on the bank showed 118. Oh, but it is "dry" heat. Fuck it! Hot is hot!
    Upside here in Hoosierland: Took Mom across the River to see the America Queen and the Mississippi Queen docked at Henderson and came back home through the bottoms - the corn is looking good and we had a nice rain this am.
    Last year the canalopes in Sullivan County were really small - I expect to see a monster size crop this year!



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