Friday, July 5, 2013

United Church of Christ divesting

UCC is now the largest church to decide to divest from fossil fuel companies.  Over the next 18 months they will be moving the stocks held in dirty industry to clean industry products.  Like the divestment of South African stocks years ago, this is a process based on morals and conscience.  As more Universities and Churches, municipalities and social clubs divest it paints these industries as undesirable and unhelpful to people of principal.  This is a very important movement.  Thanks UCC.

In case your wondering, divestment is very unlikely to lower the price of the stock, as it is sold, dirt bags buy it because at least for now they are profitable.   But over time owning that stock will become like being in a crime family, or maybe like belonging to a club that deliberately hurts people and everything around them.


  1. Darrel,
    If Hooters of America goes public - I am buying their stock.

    You need to visit me just to see Miranda! This is one incredible ass...



    1. Ron, I wonder if the church will buy hooters too? If they don't frack or own a leaky pipe maybe they qualify.
      So, turn the flash off on your iphone, and without fanfare take a few pictures of Miranda.


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