Friday, July 19, 2013

I got nothing to say to you

I got nothing to say.  I thought about it, and I'm sure, it's nothing.  I once did though, earlier today, then it passed.
I wonder why that is, why don't I have anything to report, add, or say.  Dogs are like that, and really smart ones, like your best Australian sheep dogs, they look smart, but they don't either, have anything to say that is.
I don't even have anything to ask, not a thing.  Couldn't care less.  Right now I don't wonder what if or who or when or how long or will it.
Bone idle, no I don't think thats it.  Booze, barbituates, no, didn't take any prescriptions thats not it.  Apathy, no, I care about things and want to participate, just not talk about it right now.
Is this nirvana?  Enlightenment?
Maybe tomorrow I'll want to ask something or tell you some interesting thing about my wild days as a hippie, or some semi-secret stuff I saw long time ago in defense plants.  But not now.


  1. Replies
    1. I will just sit on my stool, drink my suds, and silently admire Miranda's magnificant ass...


  2. Miranda,
    Worthy of the Gods...
    This I swear!



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