Friday, July 19, 2013

GOP keeps beating up hispanics, a win win.

Ryan is trying to say they don't want to become citizens, so their is no need for a path, others say fix the border first then implement a long long long path to citizenship, others like the state rep in my state said hunt them from helicopters like ferrel pigs.

Hispanics are more American than most of the rest of us, they are willing to start at crappy jobs for low wages, (isn't that what Repubs want?).  A credit manager told me their percentage of repaying loans are high, a little above the general population.  They send money home to their family, how many of us send money to the poor cousin or even mom and dad?  Yet, racism is driving most of the stalling, like never being satisfied with the border fix so the next step can never occur.

But the GOP, and it's OK with me, is hurting one of their own.  Rubio has fallen in the polls like a rock among fellow GOP, his attempt to bring hispanics to the party by being kind, by helping them, is not welcome.  Either a bill is passed that is helpful, one is passed that is full of road blocks, or none is passed, it is a win for democrats, no matter what, the Hispanic vote will look to democrats as having helped, and they will also know who didn't.


  1. Look at the Republicans and the way they have went and are going after Obama - I wonder how they will react when a Hispanic (Julian Castro)
    takes the Oval Office?

    I have never ever seen any group of people act in lock step and take a shit in their front lawns like these mindless assholes from the Republican Party are going.

    On, the flip side - I say press the hell on because Pedro and Jaunita just had another baby - A brand new American of Hispanic origin who in eighteen years will vote Democratic just
    like his parents.

    Fuck em...

  2. All this, the bullshit special session in Tejas to close all the clinics that Good-Hair's sister doesn't have an interest in, NC anti-shari law, Michigan asking for a short delay in a hearing on an injunction to stop reducing pensions and benefits for retired Detroit workers so they could file bankruptcy papers before the hearing, etc. This just makes me more hopeful that I will realize my dream, that the FuckingRepublicans will become the Whigs of the 21st century!!!

    1. Kulkuri, I wish they would dry up too. I also wish they could get amnesia, forget all their crap and be a second party with constructive ideas. That's a fantasy I guess.


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