Thursday, July 11, 2013

silence of the lemmings, or, children of a lesser Gop

Reform the filibuster!  Whimpy Harry is inching once again at glacier speed toward changing the Senate filibuster rules.

I welcome it, we should be able to hear what those opposing a nominee or bill before the Senate have to say about it.  Lets return to the days of speech, ideas, out in the open, give it all you got and talk as long as you wish.  I welcome that, maybe they might eventually in hours of speaking, stumble onto an overwhelming truism that might benefit and enlighten all.  Any speaker, from any party, yes even a republican might change my mind on any and every issue if only we can hear why and what they are thinking.  That would be better than this bell without a clapper, a dearth of ideas and purpose.  The current rules of the Senate allows for buffoons and cowards to stall things without any intellect or reason on display without passionate pleas, get up and talk to us, but if you can only ramble flag colored lies, slander,  inaccuracies and paranoia then do what you will so we may judge your worth to the  process so many died for.


  1. Darrel,
    The Republicans in the Senate have used the filibuster more times since Obama took office than in the entire history of the Republic! Oh, but mind you; this is not racial. Oh, no.
    As to Reid's using the "nuclear option"? I say, no.
    Doing that will set a precedence in the Senate that I don't think America needs...


    1. Are you indicating you prefer the current method of filibuster? Do you think the GOP will change it if they gain power? It's an interesting subject, if it's left alone and the power shifts then will the dems become the obstruction party, preventing any and everything?

    2. Would McConnell use the nuclear option without hesitation to stop Democratic obstructionalism? You know the answer to that question.

      What we need to do is vote that bastards and his pals out...


  2. They should make it more like a true filibuster. They could filibuster as long as they had someone at the podium talking.(They could even take turns talking.) When they stop talking have the vote. But at least make the bastards work for it. The way it is now all they have to do is say they want to filibuster and if the vote is short of 60, the matter doesn't get voted on. They can just sit back and do nothing which they are very adept at!!


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