Wednesday, July 17, 2013

GOP distraught at lower Obama care rates

As more states are reaching a point where the rates are being set by the insurance market bidders, the latest is New York and they are seeing far lower prices than expected, 50% lower.  The other states that now have the prices established are California, Oregon, Montana and Louisiana.  All have seen prices more attractive than anticipated.
What if we wake up one morning and find the GOP deliberately lied to us about what all this will cost? 

Economist who study health care say the insurance companies are being more competitive with pricing than was expected, crushingly so for GOP's story line.  The reason, millions of new customers and a trillion dollars in premiums up for grabs and the low bid gets the lions share.  This is the market place working, a market the GOP didn't want.  


  1. Yet the Republican morons in the House have now voted a THIRTY-EIGHTH time to repeal or dismantle ObamaCare!

    Absolutely fucking amazing!


  2. Darrel,
    I am losing count on the number of House votes that have been taken to repeal, alter, or defund the Affordable Health Care Act. Was there two votes yesterday and it is now at thirty-nine times.

    You people need to do what I am going to do when this loser ass Representative I have comes to town next month for his town meetings - I am going to climb all over him over the number of times the House has voted to repeal ObamaCare...

    Help me in this effort - please!



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