Tuesday, July 2, 2013

US Army and Navy criticize our quest for oil and gas

A military report says America's fixation with domestic drilling and securing supplies of fossil fuel is misguided and destructive.

The paper points out we could make greater, quicker and permanent gains by instead working on energy efficiency and renewables to replace coal, oil and gas.   It goes on to accuse policymakers and legislators of refusing to accept "robust" scientific evidence global warming is already harming our economy and will destabilize countries and commerce around the world.  It also states our political leaders are avoiding the short term up front costs of green energy sources, even though it will resolve many of our problems and in the long run provide lower cost energy and security.
It's amazing,  the military trying to wake the deaf.


  1. Darrel,
    The deaf cannot hear.
    People like Senator Jim Inhofe (R-Ok) and the other climate change and science deniers simply refuse to listen.


    1. Ron, see my response on the post below, same thing, if they can't wake up, check their vitals, could be they assumed room temperature.

  2. The military is also planning what to do when the world runs out of clean water.

    1. K man, water is in short supply and that water in our lakes and rivers is warmer than it use to be. So warm that in some power plants they had to back down due to the inability to cool the turbines with hot river water. The amount of water used in coal, gas, oil, and nuke plants for cooling is unbeliveable, millions and millions of gallons a day. Making electricity with fire is very inefficient, in many ways.


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