Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Congress climate voting record, the highs and lows.

How many record high temperatures to record low temperatures visited your congressional district in 2012?

How many votes against climate change did your representative cast?

Not on this list?  You can go to an interactive map, click on your district and learn.  If they didn't vote to protect the climate write a letter and include the ratio's you found, tell them you accept what 98% of the worlds scientist are telling us and you expect them to as well.

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  1. Wow, just got an email from one of my two Klansas senators, Roberts. He sure was glad to hear from me and just like me he is interested in all that clean air stuff. He even understand the importance of protecting the environment for future generations, but.......dum da dum dum......not at the expense of business, it's just too important. He also says the EPA is anit-business (dog whistle for means anti-US) He says Obama is preventing drilling all over the place cause he hates when we are happy. The best one is that he claims lowering our green house gas pollution will do nothing to turn back global warming cause the whole rest of the world specially the yellow people are doing it too and it's awful, and if we do cut back and use clean energy our costs will go up a lot and ruin our lives and everything like that. With every best wish, Sincerely,
    Isn't that a nice letter, specially the sign off.
    Fuck Pat Roberts. I guess I have to write him again and leave a message at the local office.


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