Friday, September 20, 2013

3 good deeds you missed from Obama.

*A few weeks ago Obama and China's top dude signed an agreement to halt the use of HFC's, a propellant and refrigerant, a greenhouse gas
*On the way to Moscow las month, Obama spent a day in Sweden with the heads of all the Scandinavian countries; Finland-Denmark-Sweden-Norway-Iceland and signed an agreement their governments would not directly finance building coal fired power plants.
*In Moscow Putin and Obama signed an agreement to work together for a world wide ban of HFC in upcoming global environmental conference.

Halting the use of Freon has reversed the loss of ozone.  Science was correct, cut off the harmful pollutant and things will improve.  Now HFC's are the second or third most prevalent greenhouse gas, and one we now have replacements available for.  This is an easy fix, and HFC's don't linger for decades as CO2 does, it's the low hanging fruit that will reward us in most of our lifetimes.

I don't know if Congress has to OK these 3 events, if so, they will all be trashed.

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