Tuesday, September 10, 2013

There has never been a dinner worth $50 in Wichita.

Class reunion coming up in a month.  $50 a head and a cash bar.  I gotta pay 50 smackers and then buy my own drink?  Look, I can afford it, won't hurt one bit.  But this is a bullshit deal.  This is designed to keep the bottom financial half of the class out if they had wanted to come.

I don't give a damn what they are serving, out here in Wichita there has never been a dinner worth $50.    This is a filtering device.  This is that "click" of well off kids that ran most of the functions back when the girls wore white panties, and most of them did pretty well the last couple decades, and so it's natural for them to book the event at the country club dining room.

To be fair, a night or two before this shendig they have a meet up at a bar, anyone can get in and the bar won't care if they are visiting and not buying.  I will go to that.   Still, this other thing galls me.  I want to go but it galls me.  The wife said she won't go.  I already passed the cut off date for $50, sign up late and it jumps to 55.  Shit, I don't eat meat normally, so 55 for rice or baked potato and a room temp salad?  $10 or $15 for a couple of mixed drinks I suppose.  Can't decide.  I might see some old friends, that would be nice.  But.


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    1. Shaddup and cough up the Grant! I have two 50th's comming up - went two years to one high school and two years to another. I did a thing last year - it was good seeing old friends.
      Seeing old friends is what it is all about.
      And I understand the "but"...


  2. Years ago I received an invite to my 20th class reunion - a month after it was held. One of my old classmates told my dad it was because they didn't know where to find me. My dad said, "all you had to do was ask me. I'm easy to find." As you might imagine, I never was part of "the in crowd."

  3. I understand the old friends part, however my old friends, just like me, wouldn't attend anyway. The reason? Because we didn't like the "in" fuckers then...and we sure as hell don't like them now.


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