Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Iran is hurting, sanctions are screwing their economy

I noticed in the news some comments from Israel about the possible thawing of Iran/USA relations and the whole WMD situation there.  The Jewish state is very negative and promoting caution on moving forward, they seem worried rather than hopeful.
My take on this, they are going to try to derail this through PR scare stories and cranking up the Jewish lobby against doing anything.  As much as they fear Iran with a bomb, they fear Iran as a less scary neighbor.  They need scary neighbors, their whole economy is propped up by foreign aid because they have scary neighbors.  If this think falls flat, I will always suspect they somehow played a part in it.

Net-in-yahoo (SP?) shouldn't expect too many back door favors, the CIA named them the #2 most active nation spying on the US, and he, "yahoo", openly tried to help get Romney elected and threw a couple of tantrums on visits to the US before the election about not getting to see Obama when "he" wanted to.

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  1. The problem is the huge Jewish lobby and the fact that since 1948 we have become attached at the hip to Israel.
    I welcome talks with Iran. The more you talk the less you fight. And, we need to disengage in the sandbox...



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