Thursday, September 19, 2013

Republicans will cave-in again to Obama.

The GOP cannot kill Obama Care.  40 times they tried and failed.  41 if you count the presidential election.  42 if you count the vote that passed it into law.  A recent poll ask registered voters should it be killed?  Even Republicans that hate it at a rate of abut 50% said no, only a few percent said kill it.   I don't get it, but OK, thats good.  I think they actually know deep down that it will help a lot of people.

As for the GOP plan to shut down the gov.  do it, fucking do it do it do it.  After a few days the WhiteHouse will still not let you kill Obama Care, you lose again, and you have to cave, beaten by a black President.   And this time you have a lot of people pissed off, lots of things will grind to a halt, and it's going to hurt businesses who feed those workers, truckers who deliver to the gov., firms that pave our hiways, the list includes every type of business.  And maybe, just maybe you can lower the nations credit ratings again, that ought to really make your business friends pissed when that kicks in.

They remind me of the guy who fell from the top of a high apartment building.  As he fell past each window the inhabitants ask him, "how's it going?"  He always gave the same answer, "So far, it's going great".


  1. I don't know. House Reppublican are scared to death of being accused by the bagger right as not being "conservative" enough and being faced with a bagger in a primary like McConnell is in the Senate.
    The cooler more-moderate (I don't know I can use the term "reasonable') Republicans remember 1995 can relate to what happened to the GOP then. And, the baggers don't care - anarchists.
    Hey! The next ten days will be worth watching.
    Cruz and Rand Paul are two to watch...


    1. "scared to death", their fears are justified, the knobs on crazy are cranked up as far as they can go.


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