Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Mister Ornery, where are you?

Clicked the link to MO, Blogger says the blog has been removed, end of statement.  Our New Zealand connection is gone.  New Zealand has just come through the warmest winter ever recorded, very little cold weather, maybe the Kochs don't want us to communicate with them or we would learn that global warming is here, now.  Good luck MO!


  1. I'm still around as is New Zealand. (Even though spell check doesn't like the Zealand part.) According to whatever powers control such things, September 1st marked the OFFICIAL BEGINNING OF SPRING here. (Screw that waiting around for solstices and equinoxes crap. We'll by God round our seasons to the first of the month.) And naturally enough, whatsoever mankind declares, Mother Nature will have other ideas. Along with the first of the month came a lovely cold snap. Ought to take care of any "warmer than usual" temperature trends.

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