Wednesday, September 11, 2013

post shoot out breaking bad forecast

Here's the forecast:
Hispanic cop with Hank, dead.
Hank, most likely dead.
The gang find Walt injured, maybe unable to cook on his own.
The gang find Jessie unhurt hiding in the car.
The gang decides to kill Jessie but then Todd (the cooker) is either dead or wounded, unable to cook.
Gang decides to force Jessie to cook.
Gang holds Walt to his promise to cook one time for them.
Jessie and Walt hatch a plan to poison the gang during the cook using their favorite poison ricen since the gang refuses to wear air masks and hasmat suits during the cook.  Jessie and Walt escape.
Hanks wife decides to try to kill her sister when she finds out Hank is dead knowing that he had arrested Walt, it had to be Walt kill him.
Todds body is burned as a temp decoy to make it appear Walt is dead.

Alternative, Jessie crawls (during the confusion of shootout) to Walt's gun by the boulders) and kills Todd when they are about to kill off the wounded cops, thus making himself needed to cook for them.  The gang doesn't know they are standing on millions of hidden dollars, Jessie indicates he will blurt it out if Walt doesn't make them leave him alive after killing Todd.


  1. You chewin on them peyote buttons agin?


  2. No really man I got it all worked out, really.

  3. I think you're onto something. (Sarge just thinks you're on something. ; )


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