Monday, September 16, 2013

Obama care gives workers more freedom to change jobs.

Kansas has one women in the congress, Jenkins by name, as hateful of the working class and poor as they come.  A couple days ago she said, if we don't cripple or kill Obama care and the public gets signed up, we will never be able to kill it.
That is the GOP fear, working class and poor will get something only they have now, security, options, protection, freedom.   ACA frees worker to change jobs easier when a chance comes along.  With ACA if you own your own plan thats one less worry, no more stuck by fear at the same place wondering will I have as good a health plan at the next job or not.  If the job is another state no problem, the yearly enrollment period (Oct-Dec) is waved if you: change jobs, move, marry, employee stops providing coverage, divorce you get 60 days from the event to sign up.


  1. The Republicans have a message to Working Class America; Their Government will not help you, their Government is of the Rich, by the Rich and for the Rich.

    Anything which aids a poor person gives a family the hope to move beyond Corporate Bondage and Wage Slavery and the Republicans have been fighting for too long to allow the Working Class to rise out of bondage.

  2. Darrel,
    The whole reason that the Repealicans are so keen to kill or delay ObamaCare is that they are scared to death that once it starts working that they will be looking for a new place to hang their hats.

    But, that isn't the issue that can give the Dems back control of the House - that is minimum wage.


  3. Grung e Gene, Sarge;

    "Their Government", really that distilled it to the truth. Thanks.
    Minimum wage could be it. or voting rights, I think the hot button issue will emerge in the Spring, you never know what externals might impose upon us something else.


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