Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Radical Rich gain again, at the nations expense

New figures out today:
*The top 1% in America pocketed nearly 20% of all the money paid out or earned last year.  1927 was the last time the disparity in income was this extreme.
*The top 10% took 50% of the income, dividends.
*The bottom 90% divide up the 30%, and none to fairly I might add.  The bottom 50% get damn near nothing.
It is not a benefit for our nation to have all the money controlled by a few thousand families.  No nation in history has ever done better because the flow of money went in one direction, to the top, none, not one example.  In fact action usually is taken to remedy the disparity, here between the wars it was done with legislation, elsewhere throughout history it is usually done through collapse or turmoil.  Tell me what is the overwhelming reason this should continue and how it will benefit the poor and the middle?  Please, someone tell me.

Yes I know, we have all those palaces in Europe and Asia to gawk at with our heads thrown back, but these are the ruins built on theft of labor and capital.  Tour of the chopping block at 11.


  1. I think of wealth disparity in terms of water, potable drinking water. The guy at the top has a whole huge reservoir of the stuff that he controls through dams that he can open up or shut down on a whim. He uses the water for a swimming pool and vast, luxurious gardens, neither of which he wants to or can tend on his own. Meanwhile the people down below need that water simply to survive but the guy up top is clever enough to persuade them that the only reason he doesn't release more is because the folks down below have among them gays or blacks or Hispanics or ... Truth is, he doesn't give a fuck who's down there. All he wants is for them to argue among themselves so as to keep their attention off him.

    1. His job of keeping them arguing to divert attention off him is a pretty easy task these days.


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