Monday, September 16, 2013

Canada is hiding recent science findings, why, how bad is it?

In less than 3 years Canada has gone from one of the greenest nations to a rouge-Petro-State awash with oil cash and passing laws against science.  Sound far fetched.  Another Kochopoly.  Recently a law was passed that scientist cannot discuss or share their findings on snow, climate, ice, CO2 and many other subjects.  Not with the public, media, not even with one another!  It is illegal for them to tell us if the snow is clean, or fouled with fox piss.  Do, and go to jail.
Today scientist protested in many Canadian cities.  One focal point is a study the government has deemed illegal to release, on snow.  Snow?  Turns out if you look at ancient snow you will find pollen and CO2 and other things attached to it, same with new snow.  Knowing the results of this study might indicate today we have more or less of some of these things, something Canada is afraid of letting the public know about.

What are they hiding, irrefutable proof?  Just how bad is it?

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