Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Watts up - shocking low risk investment.

If you buy a PV solar system installed on your house, how long for the payback, is it a good investment?

S&P 50 year return is 9.9%.  The chart shows the best 16 states for payback.  Variations due to: cost, amount of light, local tax breaks, cost of purchased electricity and net metering rates.

I'm not going to give a lesson on the incredible power of compounding interest, but god damn man even if you have to count on your toes you see the top states on this chart will have a full return on investment in 4 to 6 years.  Even #16 Florida is around a 10 - 11 year payback.  After that your leck-trcity is free.

This kind of stuff depresses the fossil fuel boys.


  1. OK, in case you wonder, I will not be putting solar on my house for the following 3 reasons. My house is shaded year round by 6 or 8 100 ft. tall cottonwoods on the south of my house the nearest 40 feet, plus on the east a row of piss elms a birch and a mulberry. I don't intend to leave this house within 3 years or less. The neighborhood covenants do not allow anything on the roof.
    However, I am in the process of buying a solar PV system, just not for me, it will be financed by a group effort. I will be part owner, a small part.

    1. correction, "I do intend to leave........"


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