Friday, September 6, 2013

Try Ecosia, environmental mission in the shape of a web browser

Google pisses me off.  On the one hand they are installing solar energy farms, buying wind energy, building server farms in energy stingy buildings, and are preparing to build underwater power lines to bring offshore wind into the grid.  I think they are carbon neutral.   BUT..... they also fund a couple of climate denial groups associated with coal and oil that spread doubt about science and slow clean energy technologies.

Ecosia is a search engine that I started using, it's nearly as good as google.   Ecosia is run totally on wind and solar, and they buy wind and solar credits to cover your computer, in other words, when you do a search, they overcompensate with clean energy purchases to make your search carbon neutral even though your power comes from Timbuk-fucking-2 coal plant.

Plus.... the money they make, 80% of it is spent buying and planting trees in Brazil in an area that was clear cut and left to erode.  Why Brazil, cause thats the best carbon sink forest location, it's heavily damaged and money goes a long ways there, a dollar plants a lot of trees.  The planting is in conjunction with Nature Conservancy, and other hippies, the planting is being done in a way to create jungle corridors across barren areas to restore animals ability to move about and correct the clear cut impact of leaving islands of wildlife cut off.

Plus 2..... if you shop on line, read their how to instructions, some merchants, they are flagged, will pay Ecosia a commission which they use to plant trees and buy even more energy credits.  So far my searches there have created revenue for Ecosia sufficient to plant 6 trees one time, 2 another.

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