Wednesday, September 11, 2013

wife signed up today for the Obama Care account.

You can go to and sign up for news on the new health care options.  You can set up an account, so your ready to go when it starts.  You cannot get into the account yet, but you set it up with passwords and so on.  Beginning in October you can then go in and find out what your insurance choices are and pick one.  Avoid the rush and the computer crashes of the first couple of weeks.

My wife signed up a few days ago and has gotten a couple of emails about the process starting in October.    Our red state will not set one up so we use the federal one.  The site asks very little information when you sign up.  It's like buying a gun, way easier than registering to vote.  She can choose a plan and join from Oct. to March.  She will need her own insurance soon, either coming off my insurance, or if I retire she will be without.  She has lots of preexisting conditions and cannot get insurance on her own, very healthy but with a history insurance companies turn down, Obama care will be the only thing we can keep her insured with in the next 3 to 5 years.  It's either that or if she gets ill we crash our finances.


  1. Did this about two weeks ago. Soon ...

  2. Once ObamaCare kicks in gear and We The People see that it does work - the Repealicans are going to be in deep shit.
    Gotta love that.


    1. Don't worry, they will find some group or person somewhere that has to pay more, than before, or they will point to the computer crashes, they will find something in the first few days to boast it is a failure it is unfair. This will be Fox's and the GOP's song and they will sing it well. But I agree with you, in time they will look like the grinch.

  3. Haircut saturday, told the barber about this, he said he would have his account set up before the sun goes down.


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