Monday, September 30, 2013

the ocean on acid - chemical imperative

Chart, pay fucking attention here, top set is CO2, notice it is rising, bottom set is pH, note that it is lowering, note these two events happen in the same time frame.
The ocean absorbs CO2 from fossil fuel burning, chemical process of this lowers the pH.  Hydrogen ion's (look it up) are increased 26% in the last 150 years.
The ocean on acid means dead coral, no more clams, oysters, crabs, lobsters etc.  All those guys collect calcium from the water to form their exoskeleton.  As pH declines it becomes harder to create the shells, in fact the acidic seas are now obliged by chemical imperative to work full time to soften and dissolve calcium formations.
With warmer and more acidic seas, corals are dying in some areas, this will increase.  Shell fish growth is being slowed already, eventually their populations will decline, eaten by acid.

Are there any lights you could turn off?

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