Friday, September 27, 2013

Your doctor will not recommend this, they were trained in pills and surgery

8 year long Dr. Ornish study on prostate cancer - zero meat or eggs with increase in vegis for one year will reduce the size of the cancer, in some cases it is gone.
Another study, 3 spoons of ground flax seed on your cereal every morning, shows reduction in tumor size within a month, some are gone within 6 months.
What's the side effects of that?
Bladder cancer, zero meat and eggs, increase in cabbage, broccoli, kale, cauliflower, and dark green vegi's, cancer stops growing, in many cases it is reduced.
Breast cancer, the same.

Meat and eggs have a chemical in them that stimulates new blood vessel growth.  Cancer needs that, can only grow with its own blood supply.  Without these new sources it ceases to grow, and the vegi's listed above are known stimulants to the body's own cancer fighting ability.  Together these two diet changes starve the cancer of blood.
What's the side effect of that?  Certainly not loss of hair or vomiting, nor weakness.
This will not make any drug maker a penny.  You will not hear this from your doctor, they were trained in pills, treat the condition not the cause.

Want to save the Lynx?  Make sure

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