Monday, September 16, 2013

broken badly

Last weeks forecast for Sunday's Breaking Bad episode missed the mark on most items.

Last nights episode had too much cruelty for me.  I have less respect for the story and for the producers than before, this was low.  They needed a little Hitchcock in this episode, showing extreme savagery is less effective than not showing it, but implying it.  I will watch the final 2 episodes, but I look forward to them with less respect for the series and those associated with it.  To me now it is just one more show about killers, the shine left the diamond for me last night.  If it was on a pay for view channel, I would not watch the two remaining shows.


  1. Hang in there Darrell. If I'm right you're going to LOVE what comes next. Hint: Redemption for Walt ...

    1. If by redemption you mean his guilt will cause him to kill some of the other bad guys, that may appeal to the revenge reflex so openly displayed these days in entertainment and politics, but not sure it's redemption. Anyways, I will wait and see. Maybe it will be even more brutal, less human, pull some bunny's legs off or something.
      I have started to think more the last few shows about the manipulation of us, the watchers, by the writers and producers. After they pull the head off a puppy, the next scene is sort of funny and Walt struggles with health or a task, like rolling the barrel over the countryside in last nights show, with some totally likable and amusing music playing, then he needs a pickup and you hope he doesn't kill the owner but now you want him to get a pickup so he doesn't have to walk about in heat and stickers rolling a barrel, that would be nice, a ride, yea. I don't criticize them for that, that is some crafty story telling manipulation, but it's interesting if you watch for it over the top of the story and see what they are doing.

    2. He's going to save Jesse and die doing it.

    3. Excellent idea NAC, lets see if it comes to pass.

  2. I had a similar reaction when I watched an episode of the new "Hawaii 5 0. One of the cops was acting like Bauer in "24". That turned me off enough that I haven't watched another episode.


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