Friday, September 27, 2013

7% of Americans are now vegetarians or vegans, why?

Why the increase in people swearing off meat, because of a growing awareness that a diet extremely low, or void of; meat, eggs, dairy and processed foods can prevent almost all the modern diseases, maybe even the "republican". This film discusses some of the diseases that can be halted and reversed with diet. I'm not talking about supplements and vitamins, almost all of which are unneeded, and of little use compared to eating a broad variety of fruits vegis nuts and grains. I have a friend with diabetes, the insulin swings, the pills, one day he said bullshit, bought a bike and a stand, rides 1 hour every night outside or on the stand, except for a Friday night fish or chicken dinner, zero meat, all plants, exercise and plants. In a few months his diabetes was almost gone, in a year no evidence of it, stopped all pills 3 or 4 years ago, he knows he cannot stop, the bike circles his block 50 times every night, he says the neighbors hate seeing him and his bike, and he feels so free and strong, done with the finger pokes and downer feeling of the disease.

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