Monday, September 16, 2013

drive way work needed

Colorado rains.  There are thousands of homes scattered up in those steep neighborhoods and "in the sticks" that now have multiple bridges out, miles of washed out roads between them and work/food/services.  Many are without utilities now.  Some of these will not be fully and reconnected or have roads restored for a year, longer maybe.   I have been into that area, those canyons are deep narrow windy with raging creeks.  Engineers have taken years to carve a narrow 20 or 50 foot flat spot for traffic, now the mountain has slid in on it and the river undercut it.

The last 3 years that area suffered from horrible drought keeping the forest dry until fire burned it naked.  Now, as is common with global warming are these extreme weather events.  The flooding is far worse than it would have been without the fires.  Trees and brush hold back rain water in many ways, that benefit is gone in parts of this area.

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