Wednesday, April 4, 2012

6 things the Reichwing, coal, and oil mislead you on

Top six things you really need to know:
  1. Clean energy is competitive with other types of energy
  2. Clean energy creates three times more jobs than fossil fuels
  3. Clean energy improves grid reliability
  4. Clean energy investment has surpassed investments in fossil fuels
  5. Investments in clean energy are cost effective
  6. Fossil fuels have gotten 75 times more subsidies than clean energy


  1. What do we say when some oil well hugger asks about Solyndra? Especially regarding point number 5?

    1. One bad apple doesn't spoil the barrel. And, a subsiduary of Solyndra that makes batteries for electric cars is still running strong and solvent here in Indiana.


    2. Sarge, Damn, that was amazing, your fuggin green as April wheat.
      NAC, give Sarge his choice of tables at the floor show.

      Solyndra was actually a victim of success of the solar market, rapid change, new materials, new manufacturing methods, more competitors, falling prices. It was the market at work. True they had their hand out when hope was lost, and didn't tell anyone what they knew. But again this is the market and I can tell you the machine shops I work with will order material and equipment and ask for investors till the doors slam shut, it's the same if they make airplane parts, oil field pipe, or solar panels, businessmen are usually part snake. As for the congress trying to find a smoking gun with this failure, can't do it, it's just another business hiding their bottom line like Wallstreet and the MBA's taught them to.


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