Thursday, April 26, 2012

Chut Wutty shot dead for taking pictures in Cambodia

41 year old Chut Wutty has been hunted by the military and illegal loggers in his Cambodia.  Yesterday Cambodian military police saw him taking pictures of timber felling and killed him on the spot.  A military person also died, but it is not known how, for sure the story will be he attacked, even though he has for years been hunted by lumber companies and the police.

Chut was the founder and director of the Natural Resource Protection Group which has spent years fighting lumber thugs, land grabs, tiger and elephant poachers and exposing the militarys hand in most of these events.  Without military help with shipments few of these products could exit Cambodia.


  1. Maybe he's now in a better place.

    1. I'm sure the illegal logging operators are glad about his new place. It's a shame, in the last 40 or 50 years the population of wild animals on earth has fallen to 25% of what it was then. People like Chut risk their lives to slow the pace of it. When you think about these people, they are brave aren't they. Chut had 2 small children.


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