Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Jews just won't follow Ryan or Libermann to the GOP in large numbers.

For 50 years the scare every 4 years is the prediciton that at last Jews are going to flee the democrats and vote republicans.  Every 4 years it does not happen, the numbers jumped up just a little for Reagan, but they overwhelmingly stay with the democrats and vote with the blacks they rode the civil rights busses with, even into the grave for some.
Again this year the Reichwing is thumping it's chest of certainty, this year Jews are conservatives.  Wrong-o buck-o.  Recent polls find; 81% of them favor the Buffet bill.  Even higher numbers say fairness for all is the number one issue.  (that is never an indicator someone is changing their affiliation to Republican)  On religion (American jews who intend to vote) view Mormonism as less positive than evangelicals.  And get this, they gave evangelicals a lower rating than they gave Muslims.

As for GOP hate and divide issues they score little or no interest to Jews: same sex marriage, abortion, birth control issues, immigration, and get this, another big surprise, Iran, they are knowledgeable but not obsessed with Iran watching.  The GOP fear machine may work on middle America, but it does not scare, or convert the well educated Jewish voter.

I think I can say with confidence, the Jews are not going to vote for Romny in numbers much out of line with the last half century.  Hung up on fairness issues, it's almost Christian, wow, those Jews are a mess aren't they?

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  1. Darrel,
    Well, the Quran and the Old Testement are similar. I don't see any kinship between Jews
    and evangelical Christains (people in Israel told Reverend Huckabee to go home and take his book of Revelation with him) nor Mormons.



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