Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Cholesterol and Female Sexual Dysfunction

This video is another reminder to men, High cholesterol ruins the thing you like best, sex.  Women or men on the prowl should be asking "what is you cholesterol", not "my place or yours".

 High cholesterol clogs the little pipes in the heart leading to heart attack, in the brain leading to stroke, in the spinal support system leading to chronic back aches, and in the penis and vagina are the tiny little pipes, smaller than the heart, that clog up with cholesterol preventing sex or it's enjoyment.  For women their is no viagra, so for them the switch is even more difficult to get into the on position.  For men, viagra only works till more pipes clog up.  See it's forcing blood into the remaining free pipes and holding it there for a while, but as more little pipes close well say bye bye to whoopie time.

Stop eating so much meat, butter, fast food, sugars, white bread, white rice, pasta, do it for sex, I don't care what the Republicans say, do it so you can get laid.  Now I know, every time I hear someone say they have high blood lipids, I know it's no sex for you, if not now, then soon, it's no sex for you.  Get your blood in good shape, get on a high vegi-fruit-grain-bean diet and over time some of the damage can be reversed.

I always hear people say about losing weight or eating healthy, oh I love my onion rings and coke and if it kills me so what, I'm not giving up my favorite thing.   I look at it different, take me to a top end house of pleasure and put out a serving of onion rings next to a mature slinky women that looks like she knows what she wants and I leave all those who would die for their food to pass away with grease on their lips.  For me, I have a game of escaped convict and wardens wife to play with my new friend.


  1. Darrel,
    I have modified my menu extensively - more fruit, salads, soups, and fish. Cholesterol is under 200 and I have lost 12 lbs.

    Once I get settled in Evansville I am going to cut down on the alcohol tremendously.


    1. Ron,
      It's a good thing you do man. Did I ever tell you about a friend of mine here, he was diabetic and on lots of meds. About 5 years ago he bought a bicycle and an exercise bike. If the weather is bad he uses the stationary bike in his garage, if not he rides 5 to 10 miles every night, around the block. He thinks the neighbors must hate him becuase he goes around the block about a hundred times a night. He of course eats carefully, and every night he drinks one glass of red wine after the ride. Over about 2 years the diabetes completely disappeared, he takes on meds for it at all now. Pretty good story, not many people will really cure their own disease, everyone wants a pill, which doesn't cure, but treats the annoyance.


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