Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Stock market has a liberal bias some claim, Arizona women carry babies 10 months, to stupid to know it.

Stocks are up, way up.  Did any republicans tell you that, no I thought not.

Arizona has passed another law explaining sex to the most stupid people among us. Women, for they know not a fucking thing about their bodies or stuff like we men know pretty good.  The state of arizona decided conception starts 2 to 4 weeks before sex.  Pay attention girls,  Republican men made it a law that the age of a fetus is from stupids last period, not from when the sperm punctured the egg.  So, abortions have to be done even sooner since stupid women (and doctors) lied about the fetus age, miss this detail and face a charge of murder.  It seems kotex not  pricks causes babies, and babies take 10 months not 9 to hatch.


  1. The Right-Wingers are so scared the economy will be trending upwards they are trying similutaneously claim credit while still saying the economy is bad.

  2. G-e-Gene is right. That is the reason for focusing on social issues like contrception and gay marriage. They can't call Obama weak on terrorsim or weak on defense.

    So, it is as down to guns, God, and greed...



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