Monday, April 9, 2012

A statement from a committee on climate change in the UK

"Kennedy (the CEO of the group organizing the meeting) warns that the US is lagging behind and risks “storing up costs” for the future. “There is action in various states of the US. But at the national level, clearly the US has not got anything like the ambition we have, and I think in the long term that will be to the economic detriment of the US.”

A few days ago Sarge over at One Angry Zebra ask me if the wind energy turbines were all made in China as someone had told him?  No, many are made here in part or in total, but, China is now the largest source, and the largest user, which dovetails into the above statement, the US needs to find the ambition to solve it's energy and pollution problems.  It is amazing that the former champion of innovation and new technologies seems to be in a  competitive coma.  

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  1. Obama is for "green energy" and to support anything that Obama promotes is something the Republicans will not do - He will be a one term President" - is their goal. Folks, just like health care reform and all of the benefits we have seen already from the Affordable Health Care Plan - the GOP in both Houses presented bills to repeal it.
    Green energy is no different! It doesn't matter if it works or even makes sense - the Republicans are against it. Now, we all know that Big Oil gave $23 million to GOP Senators this year - Whom do they represent? Me and you or some oil tycoon? Look at the vote on ending subsidies to oil companies.

    Please vote...



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