Wednesday, April 25, 2012

fox is worried, Zimmerman's in danger, someone might kill him for no reason


  1. Nah, he's got the NRA to buy him nice suits now so he'll not be seen in a hoodie and I'm sure Ted Nugent is going to slaughter a brown bear and ack it's weenie off to present to George so he won't be eating skittles...

  2. I quit the NRA years ago over their opposition to the assault weapons ban. And, I know a lot of sportsman agree with me on my stance. I wold have no problem with outlawing handguns (except those specifically designed for hunting game).
    This Fall I intend to hunt pheasant and I will use my Spanish made over and under 20 ga. shotgun (this fucker is sweet, and I got a steal on the price)- Used it to hunt dove along the Red River in Oklahoma).

    Oh, I am not a trophy hunter - I eat what I kill. Now, a monster bass will go on my wall!



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