Friday, April 6, 2012

pull your tin foil had down tight folks, the UN is taking over the dirt roads out here.

I wrote this morning about some crazies at my city council worried about a UN take over of the towns since they were talking about sharing resources in the local plan,  and now I find the same shit happened in Airzona.   How many tin-foil hats does it take to fuck up a nation?

In Arizona,  Senate Bill 1507, is based upon an unfounded conspiracy theory about “Agenda 21,” a non-binding international plan for environmentally-sustainable development crafted by the United Nations. The plan was adopted in 1992 by 178 countries, including the United States under the George H.W. Bush administration.
Burges and other members of the Tea Party believe that clean energy programs in Arizona are a plot by the United Nations to create a single world government in order to control people’s lives. 

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  1. Is it something in the water?
    Or, maybe the Kool-Aid?
    Where is Jim Jones when we need him the worse?



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