Wednesday, April 25, 2012

re: safe meat, "my father-in-law looked at me and said, we can't be part of this"

About 10 years ago we were going to have one of our cattle butchered and the vet said, don't, we recently gave them hormones and meds, you need to sell them he said.  "Hell dad said, we can't be part of this, this is no good".  Over the next 8 months we got out of the cattle business, then sold the pasture land.

Now we have more mad cow found.  I am surprised.  The industry knows it's out there.  Slaughterhouses are limited on how many cattle can be tested, it's law, you can not test more than your limit.  A small processor in Kansas spent 5 years in court trying to get around this law, they had a contract from Japan that would pay high dollar for meat that was 100% tested.  Cattlemen associations and the governement finally drove them out of business to stop the law suit.  The last thing they want is more testing.  The other thing is the animals age, mad cow, if the beast has it, doesn't show up till the animal gets a little older, so the industry is making sure older animals don't get tested so often by a number of methods and economic decisions like making sure cattle meet the stun gun before they get very old.  Take note of what I said, it doesn't show up until the critter is older, young ones can have it but it doesn't test.

Pink slime, why do they mix it, why can't you get a pink slime chili, or burger?  Think.


  1. Darrel,
    I do lament the HillTop Inn having to switch from beef brains to pork brains for their famous brain sandwich. It just ain't the same...


    1. Fuck, pigs are pretend omnivores, carrion eaters really, flightless vultures, meaner than a hairlipped water moccasin, they piss pure ammonia, shit caustic acid and methane, and they eat more peoples little brothers than any animal on earth, with a corkscrew tail and a corkscrew peter devils won't even bed down with'm. Hell when I was 5 years old I ran trough a hog pen and the sow had just thrown a litter and she came out of the shed and ran me down, flew right over me dragging afterbirth, spun and showed tusks, lucky for me I was next to the fence, I was up it before she could make the kill.


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