Wednesday, April 11, 2012

who doesn't like solar and wind

I have been to some of these conferences.  The industry sets them up to recruit more suppliers to become certified to work for the industry, the certification process for wind turbine work is as or more stringent than aircraft work. Reliability of what you build is to a severe threshold, they do not take kindly to your part failing 200 feet above the prairie.  The company I work for has done machine work for 3 different builders of wind turbines.  The things are big, one piece we have made is the center turbine shaft, it's big, it would easily bust down your pickup truck.  Another is the center hub (attach the three blades to the nacelle) that weighs 21,000 lbs and you can stand up inside it, the other was the nacelle (the main body on top of the pole) it was about the size of a free standing garage.
Just in the great lakes states there are over 70 shops doing major work on windmills, and another 150 doing small jobs and supplying products.  To give you an idea of the size of this business, Siemens, at it's Hutchinson Kansas shop (at full load) buys $1 billion of products a year, much of it from US sources.
Wind, solar, and other alternative energy sources grew more manufacturing and field jobs than oil/gas/coal in the last few years even while they are drilling at the highest pace in history, even while the GOP act like Obama prevents the industry from drilling.

Who doesn't like solar and wind energy, a new pole says 65 and older republican men are the only group who is strongly against it no matter the cost or benefit, they hate it, the end.  Among republican men the support for it is just over 50%, for women a little higher, among dems it is strong, swing voters it is also strong, and the younger they are the stronger it is.


  1. Darrel,
    So the wimdmills we see are made in ther USA?


  2. Yes most of what you see are made here in part or totally, the company I work for makes pieces for them in Illinois. Even those not made here go up on US made towers, on local made foundations erected and later serviced by locals to harvest clean energy that will never run out.

    For that matter, even if they were all made in China (which they are not) why wouldn't we buy them and use them, we go to Ace hardware and Wallmart and buy every damn thing we need from China already, the public seems to have no problem fucking over our workers for a toaster or a set of cups, so why should windmills be looked down on for it.


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