Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Social media is the most powerful political tool we have at the moment.

Look what social media has done for us the last couple of years.  Sure we all bitch that the kids or the drivers are talking or texting or on the computer instead of interacting, but, something is going on there and it is changing the world.  Just recently we saw Tunisia and Egypt revolutions begin by cell phones and emails.  Here we see Rush Limbaugh's network being starved of profits by the actions of millions with emails and phone calls.  Now alec (if thats how its spelled) is under attack, losing McDonalds, Coke and many others who funded their free right wing legislation writing services, handing new right wing laws to states ready for a vote.  Before that it was Pink Slime driven from the market, the industry says it is a conspiricy, but we all know it's about meat so dirty and foul it has to be treated with ammonia before it's safe for cooking, in other words cooking wasn't going to be sufficient.  Then there was Heartland, working against alternative energy and new products, such as the electric cars, and even GM gave to them, but with social media GM backed out, and others to.  What about the run for the cure group with the pink ribbons, their political move to cut off support to planned parenthoods breast screening services has hammered them financially, a really stupid move by the reichwingers who wormed their way to the top of the group only to screw it up.

There are more examples of success, Avaaz has humiliated the police of India exposing corruption and directing millions of emails from over the globe to demand India's police forces be cleaned up.

Don't grow tired of working in this new political arena, it is at the moment turning out to be very powerful. Don't grow weary of calling officials, sending emails, texts, signing on line petitions of support.  Things may change, but at the moment it is very powerful, and it works, just ask Rush, or the meat industry.
Excuse me while I jump over to NRDC and Greenpeace and see if they have any thing for me to do, hopefully it will involve bloodying the nose of a polluter or a corrupt forestry manager, or someone trying to discredit science.


  1. Darrel,
    I am rabid. I send weekly shit grams to my Senators and that new ass-breath in the 8th CG.
    Oh, I wrote Andre Carson (7th CG - INDY) and praised him. When your guy makes a righteous vote - Let him know. The internet works that way too.
    I agree with you - write letters to the editor.
    I am going after Time Magazine, and USA Today.
    Call, scream and yell. Demand answers - these fuckers work you us - You may need to remind them of that. You can say, "fuck" - Sarge approves...


  2. Make that - "work for us".



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