Monday, April 2, 2012

General Motors pulls out of Heartland

Heartland is one of the dozens of Koch funded groups (others fund it to) who spread anti-science bullshit about global warming and pollution.  They also work to discourage alternative products and energy sources.  In my state they fight solar and wind energy projects nonstop. You get the idea, anything you want as long as it's oil and coal.  Recently they have been providing pre-written articles for the lazy ass news media attacking the Chevy Volt.

GM has helped fund Heartland until today, but after the attack on the Volt, and social media protest that tax payer bailout helped GM survive so why are they funding a critic of their own product........GM said bye bye this morning.  At last.  Heartland is pissed, blaming it on anti-science liberals for attacking their make believe data, they want a stop put to this kind of meanness.


  1. The DOJ needs to take a hard fucking look at those two Koch brothers. I am not yet sold as mch on electric cars de to the limited distances they can drive and the almost non-existance number of charging stations. Now, I do believe that the Chevy Volt is the vamnguard of the way we are headed - despite what those two assholes think.

    I am more in favor of changing semi-trucks over to natural gas like T.Boone Pickens wants.


    1. Ron,
      You are not thinking this all the way through. The volt goes 40 or so miles on a charge, THEN THE GAS ENGINE KICKS IN and you can drive to the west coast and lurk around the nude beach. The drive time is the same, fill the gas tank and get back on the highway. With the volt your driving on gas if your not running errands in town.

      Now, if you don't like a volt, it costs to much, interior color sucks, or the dealer's a doofus, then you don't buy one, but it's not because of the range, it can go all day just like every other gas burner.

  2. Good for General Motors but about time they stopped aiding Koch Brothers!

    1. I wish the Koch's would get a simple hobby like making coffee tables or something.


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