Tuesday, April 17, 2012

ALEC losing support, another victory for social media

All these emails and on-line protests and nagging of corporations is turning out to be very effective.  Today ALEC, American Legislative Exchange Council, the rubber stamp and lobbying group that races from one red state to the next any time someone passes a voter restriction law, pro gun laws, laws against minorities, equal pay, protection for abused children and spouses, product safety and more. that ALEC had to back off.
For 2 weeks Common Cause has hammered them with social media and the pile on effect of other groups, hammered them by hammering their money source.  Like the Rush thing, they went after the money.  Coke, Pepsi, Kraft and many others dropped their funding, and ALEC said they were backing out of some lobbying activities and dropping the stand your ground law push, the attacks on hispanics, and voter  ID laws.  Well, we will see if that is what they do, but they have truly taken it in the nuts.

Do participate in social media boycotts and ragging on companies that fund the right wing.  They are afraid of the public eye.   Take a minute and go to NRDC, and take action, or Avaaz, or World Wildlife Fund, or or or, or go back to the boycott Rush sites and take action again, he is in a rebuild phase, we should make sure it's hard for those radio stations to make profit with him.

Don't rag on the kids with their cell phones, lap tops, and texting.  This is powerful shit, get in on it.


  1. Darrel,
    You imspire me, motivate me, and leave me in awe of things about you I never imagined.

    Carry on,


  2. Follow the money.....makes a whole lot of sense. There's hope for the world yet. Good for Common Cause.


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