Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Family portrait

That's me on the left, the wife and the kid when he was about 12.  Remarkable, how much it looks like us.

I finished these about 2 weeks ago.  Set them on the deck rail for a few days.  I had penciled in the eye, decided to put them back on the bench to drill the eye, sha-zam, all three are broken, bases snapped right off.  Having made them so narrow the hammering had set up fractures, a few days in the weather let the stone change in its internal humidity and it got brittle.  I tossed the bases, considering mounting them on new bases, maybe something very slick and angular and geometric.  I don't know.  Life is so hard.  Click on the picture and it gets quit large.


  1. You have a lot more patience than I, sir... I'd be a mess if something I was working on shattered.

    Wish I could do that sort of thing, but I'm all thumbs.


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