Thursday, April 26, 2012

avalanche free Aspen slides away from Chamber

Yesterday Aspen Colorado voted 11 to 1 to leave the Chamber of Commerce.

Things are hot in Aspen the last few days, slopes are bare, normally they can still ski in Aspen.  Record high temps day after day.  73° Tuesday.   The town is empty, it should be filled with people skiing, getting laid, and lapping up cafe food.

The board had enough of the Chamber's anti-science lobbying and shilling for fossil fuel related corporations.     After pointing to the Chambers denial of human contributions to global warming as being unacceptable, the ghost towns council voted 11-1.  It appears they have a funny idea, they think a business association should act for the general good, I could have saved them last years dues, that's not their purpose.

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  1. Indiana's small hill ski business suffered also.
    Now, there were cold ass days that they could run the snow makers but the season was dismal.
    How long will it take to keep hitting people in the wallet for them to wise up that global warming is real?



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