Friday, April 20, 2012

Break it yourself, or, let it burn.

A recent poll found 86% of women are against polygamy.  So, more than one in 10 are OK with it?  Boys, you get 20 gals together and your in group sex heaven, that is after you find out which 17 or 18 to chase off.  OK ok, I suppose polygamy doesn't guarantee everyone naked at once group sex, it could be do one while the other waits  near by, it could mean the other one is in the other room.  14% OK with it, thats more than I expected.
For Romney this doesn't mean group sex is in his future, (the way he walks I swear gay sex is more likely in his future) so much as it means 86% of the girls view him as the guy from a church which still has not drummed perverts with harems from it's ranks.


  1. Did you see where the Governor of Montana claimed that Romney's Dad was born into a cult of polygamists? Hold on, didn't Abraham have more than one wife? isn't that the whole basis of the Israeli -Arab dispute? Ishamel was born first but Issac got the birth right. And, that meant the land. Now, let that sink in. Did God ordain that? Or did Abraham decide that?


    1. Darrel,
      I like the Asian things - I think the Chinese Manderians did this - a chief wife and several concubines. Well, variety is the spice of life .
      If the main sgueeze was on the rag the old Chink with the long finger nail will beacon a nubile concubine to sate his desires.

      Here is a question - Did God make adultry a sin after the birth of Ishamel or before?

      Or, did Abraham commit adultry?

  2. Any God that makes adultry a sin is doomed to be ignored, set himself up for failure. That Issac and Abraham dust up has been a thorn in Gods saddle, I mean how did he mess that up?


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