Thursday, April 12, 2012

OK, can you guess who spent this much to influence these groups?

$31,670,444 spent to attack regulations, democrats, science.  Here is the accounting:
9,847,500 Mercatus Center
5,610,781 Americans for Prosperty
4,428,091 Institute for Humane Studies
2,238,571 Heritage Foundation
1,278,400 Cato Institute
1,000,000 Manhattan Institute for Policy Research
855,000 Washington Legal Foundation
723,799 Federalist Society for Law and Public Policy Studies
460,000 Pacific Research Institute for Public Policy
473,369 Tax Foundation
440,000 Independent Women's Forum
383,125 Texas Public Policy Foundation
315,000 American Council for Capital Formation
280,000 George C. Marshall Institute
285,309 Reason Foundation
350,500 Fraser Institute
175,000 Institute for Energy Research
150,000 Frontliners of Freedom
155,000 National Center for Policy Analysis
155,000 American Council on Science and Health
152,600 Atlas Economic Research Foundation
110,000 Capital Research Center
100,000 American Enterprise Institute
85,000 Independence Institute
200,000 American Legislative Exchange Council
70,427 Goldwater Institute
108,644 Property and Environment Research Center
89,151 Mackinac Center for Public Policy
60,000 Center for the Study of Carbon Dioxide and Global Change
40,000 American for Tax Reform
30,000 State Policy Network
14,030 Media Research Center
47,472 John Locke Foundation
5,000 National Taxpayers Union Foundation
Add to it the following:
$8,273,316 to Senate and Congressmen
$49,580,500 Direct Lobbying activity

Did you guess it yet?  Koch Industries.

This is just the corporation, the Koch brothers themselves are promising around 150 million to the GOP super pacs against Obama.

No sweat, I gave $15 to the Obama campaign last month, how bout you?

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  1. Darrel,
    I will do more than give money - I will give my time.



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