Friday, June 14, 2013

again the jawbone of an ass is used to beat down rivals

"Religious freedom does not mean freedom from religion,"  Gov Perry this morning as he signs in a law OK'ing displays on school and state property of Christian holidays.  


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    1. Kevin,
      You are exactly correct. What we in America are seeing is movement by the evangelical christians in America to turn the country into a theocaracy. And, the Republicans see that and have consistantly done their bidding.
      Right now, the House GOP, after voting a thirty-seventh time to repeal ObamaCare are now going to pass a NATION-WIDE bill on abortion. Which like the 37 votes to repeal the Affordable Health Care Act will fail in the Democratic controlled Senate.
      Why the abortion bill? To galvanize the base...
      And, who is the base? The thumper right...



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