Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Election madness in Iran and Iowa

Iran just tied the hands of Gulf War III aficionados.  By all accounts this was a fair election, 6 way, and he the guy earned 50+%, in a 6 way thats decisive.  Monitors indicate they do not see a problem with the count.
Before, we had the unhappy population with the last stolen election in Iran to bolster our position of opposing Iran.  That's gone.  Now we oppose both the government, the goals, and the people.  This is a different thing, and will work against us, now we truly do stand hostile before a nation, another Muslim nation to boot.  Unlike North Korea, these people know about the west, are educated, have family here, and will soon grow in tolerate of the sanctions making their lives difficult, before they blamed it on the pricks at the top, now it will be on us.
OK, the guy elected was vetted by the conservative and religious right, so was that really a free and open election, and had to get their votes to proceed to the real election.  As John Oliver pointed out last night, how is that different than our Republican primaries?

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  1. The Grand Ayotollah Ali Khamani and the Mullahs are still the voice in Tehran.

    Got a friend named Darius - sold my sergeant ass my first computer - thought the black haired olived skinned fucker was one of them Greek boys (into that buggery action). Nope, nailing this hot Hispanic Hooter girl (magnificant ass)and it was she that told me that his terrorist-spy ass was from Iran.
    He told me about how his family left a lot there and fled to the US when Khomeni came to power and how truly fucked up Iran is.

    The attitudes of the people in Iran are changing - what that translates out to with this new guy is to be seen. One thing for sure;
    the world will miss Mahoud Ahmadadinejad like a case of Oriental clap.

    Standard disclaimer:
    NSU only; no clap...



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